A perfect mix of strategy & creativity
What we do
Build a product from scratch
From just having an idea and ensuring there’s interest in the market to constructing a roadmap.
Make an existing product better
Enhancing the overall quality and value by enhancig durability and ease of use trough delightful UX.
Improve customer relationships
Meaningful product changes turn sceptical users into loyal advocates and therefore improve engagement and numbers while reducing the need buy new customers.
Facilitate training workshops
Collect knowledge, generate new ideas and design solutions by bringing the right people at the right time to the right table (or whiteviard,).
New Framework
Customer Bonding
Tactics and Strategies
Grow by attracting loyal buyers in uncertain times or prevent customers turning to the competition.
6 hours on site
6 - 10 participants
€ 5.000
Design Thinking
Spark creativity and nurture a user-centric mindset within your orginazation. Learn how to run workshops yourself.
3 hours online/remote
10 - 20 participants
€ 5.000
Remote Design Sprint
Learn without building
Answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with real customers within a week.
6 hours online/remote
3 - 9 participants
€ 10.000
Rapid Product Feedback
Free Consultation
Get actionable feedback about your main use case in no time. Learn about how you can tacle critical challanges.
1 hour remote online
1 - 3 participants
Rent a creative space
In the heart of the colorful Ottensen district in Hamburg, we offer space for your ideas, for working out business models to convince your customers and for a change of scenery to boost your creativity.
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